Flower Care

Fresh flowers require care. Please see the information below to care for your flowers


Gift Wrap Bouquet - remove the flowers from the wrapping. Add the flower food to a vase of water. use cellotape over the top of the vase to form a gridwork (this will keep each flower in place). place in a vase of water. Cut the flower stems on an angle and place in the vase

Handtied Bouquet - handtied bouquets can be left in their wrapping and presentation box. check the water lever of the water bubble regularly. if it needs topping up mix the flower food with water and pour this slowly down the centre of the flowers. or you can remove the wrapping and water bubble, cut the stems on an angle and place the flowers in a vase (water and flower food). keep the bouquet tied. 

Arrangement - top up the container with water every day, making sure the oasis is wet.

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